Top beaches around Bari and Monopoli

To help you pick the best stretch of sand or your intimate rocky cove we cherrypicked the top beaches around Bari and Monopoli that you cannot miss.

Puglia has some of the most beautiful coastline in Italy, however choosing the right spot can be a stressful task when there are so many options! For this reason, we have selected some of the top beaches around Bari to make your experience in Puglia stress-free. All you need to worry about is packing your beach bag and get ready to turn your skin into pure gold!


Arguably one of the best beaches around the area, this is a very popular spot where locals often hang. Wild and untouched are just some of the words used to describe this shoreline, which gives you everything you need. The water is crystal clear and less busy than the average beach, meaning that you can truly relax here. Also, loungers and shade are available to hire at a very affordable rate. In other words you’ll have the best value for money you could possibly hope for. Finally, and a bar that features a mix of typical Apulian dishes. If you love simplicity and nature, this is your cup of tea.

Santo Stefano (Monopoli)

Nestled between two rocky ridges, with a medieval castle overlooking the natural cove, Santo Stefano is a magical place that attracts local and international visitors every year. The water is pristine and this is also thanks to its natural springs streaming from the ground which was used by Benedictine monks in the 14th century. Moreover, the camping area allows adventurous travellers to access the public beach, whereas the privately-owned area ensure you have all the comforts.

Bambu beach (Capitolo)

If you love sandy beaches and you are in for a treat without giving up on your adventurous spirit, this is definitely your must-go spot. A tropical inspired beach resort with tiki influences offers its guests the most relaxing and indulgent experience thanks to its shell-shaped sunbeds, a restaurant, a sushi bar and last but not least a tremendous green/turquoise sea in the beautiful coast line of Capitolo. The icing on the cake? This beach offers plenty of sport facilities ideal for kids and adults. This includes a beach volley court, wind-surfs, canoe and laser-sail boat rental and the possibility to also get an instructor. Time to learn how to ride those waves!


We dare you to find something as unique as the Archeolido, A sandy beach facing the crystallised water that takes thousands of shades of blue from the sky. The old Acropolis of Egnathia, the Ancient city of the Messapii is standing in the background. Archeolido is more than a beach. It’s a place that wants to bring you back to the 2nd century B.C. reviving your passion for the Mediterranean culture and history. In other words, the Archeolido is the place where you can lose yourself between nature and culture with the comforts of a private beach club. The beach is equipped with shades and lounges and the bar offers a great menu selection, using ingredients that have been carefully sourced locally.